Friday, 28 March 2014

A request from my daughter

Mum can you decorate 2 jars for me, for the Schools Summer Fete. Here are the jars.
So I got out my vinyl and my cameo and spent half an hour cutting and applying. A very Retro look about them.

Im really pleased and so is Shelley.

The HERE COMES SUMMER is just a normal font on my computer, which I moved together and welded., So it peeled off in a word rather than a letter,. Making life much easier.
Then I bought a couple of Studio files of flowers, from Cameo. Cut them out and put them on the jar. then I punched white vinyl circles with my punches for the flower centres.

The jars are for fund raising. You put a £1 in one jar and your name on a piece of paper in the other jar. At the end of the fete, one name is pulled out of the jar and that person gets half of whatever is in the other jar. the school keep the other half.
thanks for looking today.
Linda x

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Donna said...

These look great Linda and they definitely have a retro feel to them...I'm sure they will help the school raise lots of money! Good luck with the digital masks you bought...just shout if you need any help, although they're dead easy to use :) Donna ♥ x