Wednesday, 15 October 2008

David Essex

Are you old enough to remember David Essex....Smouldering eyes? sexy grin? Well he still has them! I went to see him last week at the Theatre Royal in Brighton. All the Fun of the Fair. Fab play with great music. We sat in the Royal Circle Box which over looks the stage. Sorry the photo is not great, as it was the finale and the stage was full of smoke.


Anonymous said...

Well, obviously I'm not OLD enough, Linda, but I do remember my great grandma swooning over Mr Essex!! Ha ha! :o) Glad you had such a great time - and great seats, too!
Love LizC xx

Elaine said...

Yep I remember David Essex lol... he still has those lovely eyes :)

Elaine x

WeirdCat said...

vaguely remember him, something about a silver dream machine? Glad you had a good time

Rosietoes said...

Yes I remember the cheeky grin and the sparkling eyes too Linda. I'm sure you had a wonderful evening. Not that I'm jealous or anything... :)

CraftyC said...

Hi Linny, I remember David essex and I like to think That I'm not that old (lol). Seen you post for a card for Daniel but cant see an email to give you the addy. Mine is on my blog!

Katie said...

Hi Linda
First visit to your blog!
Although I am no where near old enough to have been around then I have heard of David Essex......ha, as if! My walls were plastered with David Essex and David Cassidy posters...ah happy days.
Glad you had a good time

(Stampers 10)