Monday 1 June 2020

Brushkite you tube channel.

Watch the videos on youtube to see what you can make and how easy it is.

Bunting made on Brushkite app in Chrome.

This bunting is a ready made design Alphabet, which has many shape options that you can cut on your electronic cutting machine, so quick and easy. Make it the size you want, and however many letters and numbers you want.

Click on any of the links or pictures for a demo yourself for this amazing, quick and easy Chrome App.
Brushkite Landing Page

Brushkite design app for SVG making.


Brushkite ! Brilliant new design space app

If you have a cutting machine and use SVG's this is a very simply app to use through Chrome. It's not your usual app that you have on your phone. This is continuing to be built with new ideas app. There is something new added everry week. I love the ease of what you can do with it. Take a silhouette shape into Brushkite just by using the upload image button. This opens up your saved silhouette. Then you go to the Mandala shape, click on the elephant and your shape will appear. You then add one of each of 3 layers to get your manadala. Why not give it a try on the demo mode by click on the above picture.  Keep an eye on my blog to see what can be done with your own saved 
images.Brushkite Landing Page

Sunday 31 May 2020

Thirsty Brush Butterfly stamp and die set.

This is a lovely stamp and die set from Thirsty Brush. The Stamp was a free set for Club members  from Create and Craft and the die set was £16.99. Coloured with my alcohol pens from Stamps by me. I am well into these 2 companies at the moment and have a big collection that has been waiting for my mojo to come back. So starting simply with this one.
Thank you for popping by, Linda.x

Tuesday 26 May 2020

Hello I am back.

I can't believe I haven't done any blogging since Dec 2016! Then life gets in the way and we go on to new things. So I have decided I need to start adding to my blog so you can see what I am doing now. Until the lockdown, I have been taking craft classes in my loft craftroom. It was a bedroom but as we have 2 bedrooms downstairs, we are in a bungalow, it makes sense to use the loft room.  At the moment it is a terrible state. I don't need to tidy up because no-one is seeing my room. haha. Once the ladies start coming back I will have to have a good sort out.
I have been making these cards and frames for family gifts, over the last couple of weeks. I have really enjoyed making them and will keep on with them until the next thing I see takes may fancy.
All of them are free cutting files, SVG's which I cut on my Cameo.
I hope you like them.
This is the Facebook page that I belong to, that these images come from.

Thursday 1 December 2016

Decorative Glass Blocks

I Can't believe it was July when I last posted. So I am probably talking to myself here.
So what have I been doing?
Having Craft classes for friends at my home for one thing. Busy with visits from Social Workers and Occupational  Therapists and builders, ready for our alterations. Then we will be hopefully getting Dave an electric wheelchair so he can get about indoors instead of sitting in one chair from morning until night.

So on the craft front, I have been decorating those glass blocks that walls in bathrooms are made from.
These have been modified to include a plastic money box fitment in the top.
Thanks for popping by.
I will upload some more soon.

Brushkite you tube channel.

Watch the videos on youtube to see what you can make and how easy it is.