Sunday, 26 October 2008

An update on Finn

I have been very lazy with my blog just lately. Here are a couple of photos taken this week of Finn. He is now 6 weeks old and smiling. He copies too. If I put my tongue out, he does too.


Sonia said...

Gosh hasn't he grown Linda!! He looks so like Megan.
((hugs)) for Finn
Sonia x

Elaine said...

What a gorgeous little chap he is, bless... so like Megan in the top picture and I just love his top, its exactly right lol!!! They should come with instruction books lol!!! Such a little cutie, tfs with us :)

Elaine x

Wendy said...

What a little smasher, and as the others have said so like Megan.
Wendy x

Anonymous said...

Finn is so adorable, Linda - I badly want a cuddle!! :o) Love the T-shirt! LizC xx