Sunday, 8 September 2013

Mr & Mrs and New Home

Todays cards are cut on my Cameo. I typed the letters on 2 lines on the computer, in Studio, put a box around them then ungrouped. I was able then to move each letter to overlap, with the O on Home, rotated at 45%. Put a box around them again once I was happy with my layout. Right clicked, Weld, and the lines that overlapped disappeared. There you have it. a Goup of Letters. the best fonts I found to use, are ones with the sticky out bits.
I have done a file as well for Noel. As I have made these files myself, Im happy to share. Just pm me.
well thanks for looking.
Linda x


Jackie said...

Brilliant Linda, you are so clever. You could do LOVE as well perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Fabulous, Linda, you are so clever!!
Love LizC xx

Sue said...

This is brilliant. Must have a go at that. Sue.x