Monday, 14 March 2016

Up cycling Table

I bought this table many years ago, in fact it was 25 years ago. I painted it green and used it for about 5 years. Then it went into the loft. When we moved here, I thought I would re-do it, rather than throw it away. So today, I painted it with Hessian colour Chalk Paint. It took 3 coats. One dry, I used the 12 x 12 stencil, that I bought especially for this table. I used a silvery dark grey craft paint. It has pride of place now, next to my reading chair, in the Conservatory.....

Oh and I finished this cardigan over the weekend for our granddaughter Elsie. Its only taken me 6 months! I have had so many other things to do first.

Thank you for popping by today.

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Kamili said...

Hi Linda, I love the table! I am back blogging and crafting and have been revisiting everyone, glad to see you are still creating beautiful things. Kim